Adventurous, spontaneous and passionate. Three words I might use to describe myself. I am (was) a geologist by trade, before I decided to embark on this adventure. I love the outdoors, being active, reading good books and playing tennis. Other passions include cats, hot summer days, long swims in the ocean, vanilla ice cream and curry… I have always loved travelling and have had a desire to travel the length of Africa for as long as I can remember. When Jeff and I met in 2012 we started dreaming about such a trip. I suppose that is when this project was “born”, although we only really started working on it in 2014. Although I was interested in motorbikes at 16 it was only last year when Jeff taught me that I learnt how to ride. That has been an adventure in itself with my first ride over 100km being in Nepal of all places! What an adventure. I am so excited about stepping out of my comfort zone in the year that lies ahead and discovering God’s heart for the nations and peoples of Africa. I am expecting a rough but magnificent journey. I hope that it will be every bit as exciting for you that are following us.