Enjeera and Wat?

We arrived in Addis Ababa after 6 full days riding from Nairobi. The landscape of Northern Kenya was pretty dry but beautiful. We passed many big herds of camels and cattle. Ethiopia has been quite different. The landscape has varied from lush tropical forests to dessert.


We have spent 5 days in Addis. We had to apply for our Egyptian visas so we have stayed just long enough. We had a nice opportunity to connect with a missions organisation here in Addis and have been really encouraged by the work that they are doing.

The next few weeks hold a lot of riding for us. We want to be in Israel by Christmas. So we have about 5 weeks to get through Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

Please pray for us for easy border crossings and for permission to cross the Sinai peninsula. If we cannot cross Sinia we will have to ship our bikes and this is extra expense.


Anneen and Jeff