Ministry and Tourism

Leaving Malawi, we went back to Zambia to visit friends in Chipata. Lameck and Joan are working with the Muslim community in their town. We had a lovely time catching up with them and getting involved with their ministry. We have attached a video we put together about our time in Chipata. It is contains some of the style elements we are planning to use for the final film. Please send us your feedback about the video, as we are interested to know what you think.

20150530_175245    kuti2

We are hoping to earn some money for the project by shooting promotional pieces for tourism companies. So from Chipata, we headed back to Malawi to Kuti Wildlife Reserve near Salima. Please send us your feedback as well about the attached promo for Kuti. We are hoping to pick up some more similar jobs, so any thoughts would be very helpful. If you happen to know of a company on our route that might be interested, please let us know.

kuti3   kuti1

We will be sending out a new blog about our time so far in Mozambique soon, so keep an eye out for that! Please pray for us this week as we are at Iris Ministries in Pemba, that we will have open doors to film and that we will be able to discern the correct opportunities.

IMG_3979         IMG_3983