Documentary Update – 30th Dec

Hi All,

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas with family and an opportunity to get a break.

With the new year almost here it’s crazy to think that we’ll be working on this project full time in two months time! There’s a lot to happen in the next two months though, so we’ve been trying to prepare for that. We’re really happy to announce that Chelsey Stratford will be joining our team from January as a Line Producer. She’ll be helping us with administration and making sure the website, facebook page, mailing lists, etc all run smoothly whiles we’re on the road.

On that note, we’ve also starting working on our website. We’re hoping to have it finished in the next week or two. This will be the place to check out what we’re up to, pre-order the film, buy merchandise and to subscribe to NarrowTV (our bi-weekly behind the scenes web series).


I’d also like to take a moment to punt our Facebook page. This mailing list is a great place to get monthly updates, but on the Facebook page you’ll find more frequent updates and other interesting content. Especially once we hit the road! So please support the project and hit the like button on

In other news we have a rough schedule for next year in place. We intend to be quite flexible, so I’m sure things will change next year, however we wanted to give various contacts an idea of when we’d be visiting them. If you’re interested check it out below:


Last update I have for you is that we’re planning on shooting a promo video over the next few weeks. This video will be the spear head of our fund raising campaign. Part of it will be shot in Cape Town and part in the Transkei. We’ll be in Cape Town next week (from the 3rd until the 11th). If you’re in Cape Town we’re looking for a few people to help us on either (or both) of the shoot days on the 6th and 7th. We’re looking for a couple of extras (no specific skills required). Also if you know of any locations in Cape Town that might pass as Northern Africa / Middle East please let us know ( Think large mosques, back alleys, etc. We’re also in need of a couple of props (old school / CRT televisions comes to mind). We’ll post stuff on facebook, so keep an eye out.

Hope you all have a fantastic news years eve and a blessed year ahead. Dream big with God!

Jeff and Anneen