Documentary Update – 20th Nov

Hi All,It’s been another busy month with pre-production for A Narrow Path. We’ve met up with a number of people and been connecting with many other people via email and phone calls. Thanks so much to all who gave us leads for our documentary. Between you all we now have contacts in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, DRC, South Sudan, Egypt, Algeria and even Chad. There’s some really interesting opportunities among those and having contacts in these countries will also help open doors for us. We’re still looking for contacts in Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan. Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda would also be great! So please keep thinking about that and help put is in touch with people.We’re also thinking now about places and events that might be relevant to our documentary. For example visiting a mosque with particular significance or being in the right place to observe a festival with relevance to the documentary. Again, if you have any thoughts or leads please drop us a line!

The next step for us is to put all the destinations on a map and join the dots. That way we can get a rough idea of a route and give people approximate dates. We’ve already started doing this but we’re trying to make our route as flexible as possible. The last thing we want is to be locked into a specific schedule and miss emerging stories.We’ve updated our visual treatment / brochure. This is a good summary of the documentary in 2 pages, including lots of pictures. Check it out if you’re adverse to scary looking scripts ;-)Once again, if you got forwarded this email and would like to receive updates please sign up below:

Hope everyone is well!
Jeff and Anneen

Horizons unlimited gathering

We’ve also just come back from the first ever South African Horizons unlimited gathering. Horizons is a community of overland travelers, using various modes of transport to travel round the world on extended trip. As you can imagine we met many interesting people including the first women to circumnavigate Africa on a motorcycle solo, also another women who has crossed the Sahara on a camel. I’ve outlined some of the people below encase you’re interested in their stories!

We decided to take the opportunity to present a short workshop on combining over landing with film making. I think it was received well and brought up a few interesting discussions about what has worked for people and what hasn’t. For me it really highlighted that traveling through Africa on a motorcycle is not a story by itself, it is a mode of transport, the story needs to come from something in addition to that. I think some people were struggling to see a bigger picture than shooting a holiday video of their travels. We also got interviewed by a local (NW) paper and our photograph taken for an article covering the event. We haven’t yet seen if anything came of that.

Otherwise it was a great place to get practical advice on overlanding. Medical insurance, carnet documents, border crossings. etc etc. We really enjoyed meeting these people and our hosts put on a great event.

Again, check out the links below for information on the various people we met!

There’s only a couple of people mentioned below, but there were many others too. Some more information can be found on the event below:

Jo Rust
First woman to circumnavigate Africa solo. Read her story about how she first attempted this on a bicycle however after having her bicycle stolen attempting again on a motorcycle.
Lorraine Chittock
Lorraine uses motorcycles, Land Rovers, Jeeps or camels as she tours the world while publishing books about the animal/human bond.She first hit the road solo on a Honda CB360 at the age of 18 – in 1978 when women on bikes were a rarity. It was during the twelve years living in Africa and the Middle East that she traveled from Sudan to Egypt along an ancient caravan route with 200 camels and eight Sudanese men.
Pan without a Plan
Follow Gareth Jones, a Welshman, traveling around Africa on a vintage panhead Harley. Really entertaining guy who has built / chopped a few Harleys and is now exploring Africa.
Horizons Unlimited
Grant and Susan are the founders of Horizons unlimited and now run the website and host overland gatherings around the world. They originally started over landing back in 1987 and have now over 100,000km round the world. Really friendly couple and full of advise!