Documentary Update – 28th Oct

Hi All,
It’s been a little more than a month since our last update and a lot has happened since then!

  • We now have a title for the documentary. “A Narrow Path” came to Anneen during a session at church. It’s awesome how if you make space for God to speak he brings the inspiration!
  • We have the beginning of some artwork, as seen in the banner above. More to follow, for the more visual inclined readers of this mailing list.
  • We have a web domain. Currently just a place holder but expect to see a fully functional website with pre-selling options and behind the scenes content come December:
  • We’ve started a Facebook group. We haven’t really started updating it yet but will shortly. If you want more regular and minor updates on the documentary then I suggest you head over there:
  • We had the opportunity to shoot a short film for a film competition whiles we were on a missions trip to Iris Ministries in Zimpeto, Mozambique. More information below!
  • We also had an oppertunity to shoot a commercial piece for a Dhow cruise company based in Zanzibar. Again check out the info below.
  • We are presenting a talk on film making at the Horizons unlimited gathering in Potchefstroom in a couple of weeks. Horizons unlimited is a gather of people who are taking part or are interested in overlanding by means of motorcycle / car/ bicycle / etc

So what’s the next steps for us? Good question!

The focus for the next few weeks is to really make as many contacts as we can that we could chat to about our documentary. This is your moment to support us! We’re looking for people that fit the bill below. Please get in contact with us if you know of anyone.

  • Christian friendly Imams
  • Muslims who have had a dream or similar encounter with Jesus
  • Church leaders in Islam states (North Africa/Middle East)
  • Converts from Islam to Christianity
  • Missionaries in Islam states
  • Local believers in Islamic nations
  • Anyone based along East Africa (South Africa -> Egypt) who is serving as a missionary / working for an NGO / making a difference and has a story to tell

You’d be really helping us out if you can give us contacts to follow up on. This doesn’t need to be people that will be used in our documentary. It could be someone we can ask questions, can help us out in their local country with logistics or even offer us a place to stay for a few days.

Lastly, I know a few of you are interested in our project but prefer pictures to wordy documents. If you’d like a more visual overview of our project check out our visual treatment document.

Hope the email hasn’t come out too long! Thanks for all the support.

Jeff and Anneen

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the videos below!

This was our submission for theStorytelling Parade film competition. The whole thing was shot and edited in 24 hours using minimal gear. It was a good test for shooting some of the mini stories and behind the scenes content that we plan to shoot next year.Also check out Iris Ministries that are doing many great things around the world!
Safari Blue
This was shot for a Dhow cruise company based in Zanzibar. We’re hoping to earn some money next year producing films and adverts for tourism based companies. Also check out a montage I shot for them to use in trade shows: Blue: