The Story

What is God’s heart for Muslims? How would God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit each answer this question? This film follows three different stories, each with its own film style and perspective.

The first is a fictional story shot about Khalid. Khalid is a Muslim man from a small village in North Africa. Khalid has a dream where he meets Isa, the God of the Christians. Isa calls him into relationship but Khalid struggles to understand what this means. He also has to deal with the consequences of his actions. What will he decide?

The second story is a non-fictional travelogue following Jeff and Anneen as they attempt to ride motorcycles from South Africa to North Africa and along the way shoot a documentary. Through the guidance of Holy Spirit they meet various people that have sacrificed comfortable lifestyles in order to follow Christ. How will these encounters affect Jeff and Anneen, and their outlook on what it means to be a Christian, especially a Christian in a Muslim majority country?

The final story is the resulting documentary shot by Jeff and Anneen. The documentary investigates the relationship between Christians and Muslims in majority Islam states. Are Muslims friend or foe? What is the father’s heart for Muslim people? Is it possible for Muslims to come to Christ? What obstacles do Muslims face in accepting Jesus as God? What is the role of the local and global church?

Each of these stories takes on its own unique style. How do these stories affect and influence each other?